Research, development and innovation objectives

Research Objective 1

To develop and evaluate strategies which enable an exploration of the value, form and function of mainstream technologies by and for people with differences and difficulties associated with perception, memory, cognition and communication.

Research Objective 2

To develop and evaluate the use of mainstream technologies to enable inclusion of people with such disabilities as museums visitors and consumers of art.

Research Objective 3

To identify sources – Internet, internal archives, libraries, etc. – that can provide digital cultural resources and take advantage of their possibilities with the purpose of integrating this content into innovative tools, applications and functionalities.

Research Objective 4

To validate the technological outcomes in operational environments based on a participatory research methodology consisting of three pilot exercises in museums.


Dissemination and communication objectives

Dissemination Objective 1

To support the generation of an innovative ecosystem focused on inclusive environments for art based on the involvement of arts professionals and institutions, educators, technology developers and citizens.

Dissemination Objective 2

To work with cultural heritage sites to enable them to develop provision which will engage with a wider range of audiences through the reutilization of digital cultural assets.

Dissemination Objective 3

To promote the tools and applications developed in ARCHES by means of on-site demonstration activities (between 7 and 10) all around Europe.


Exploitation objectives

Exploitation Objective 1

To promote the involvement of stakeholders and potential end-users in the value chain during and beyond the project.

Exploitation Objective 2

To identify opportunities in sectors such as cultural heritage, education and tourism, and define market strategies in the different niche markets.