‘The visit to the museum should be a moment of learning, of discovery.’ (Eduardo, Madrid Exploration Group)

The aim of this project is to work towards a museum for all. We want to challenge perceptions of inclusion and exclusion, moving beyond the notion of disability categories and working instead with people’s access preferences.

The results of our 3 year project will be guidelines and publications, apps, multisensory materials, and games.

Some of our results can already be consulted in our Technology section. Furthermore, you can have a look at our Deliverables, and other useful documents for your own work with participatory research in museums, check out the dates of our workshops, and see a list of our academic publications.

You can also see the works of our participants, such as drawings, photos and videos, and the manifestos of the different groups.

Our efforts are dedicated to the heritage change-makers, to those who want to create an inclusive, accessible and barrier-free environment and to those who want to enable everyone to have a voice and relationship with their heritage.

If you want to get in touch with us, please write to