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The origins of the Fine Arts Museum of Asturias date back to 1969, when the ‘Diputación Provincial de Asturias’ (‘The provincial deputation’ and the City Hall of Oviedo constituted the Public Foundation “Centro Provincial de Bellas Artes” (later, “Centro Regional de Bellas Artes”), although it was not until May, 19th, 1980, that the art gallery was inaugurated. At that moment, it consisted of seven exhibition rooms showing 78 works.

The collection of the Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias was initially formed by the funds of the former Diputación Provincial and the former ‘Museo de Pinturas de la Academia Provincial de Bellas Artes de San Salvador’ of Oviedo. Since its origins, the collection has been incremented with acquisitions, donations, legacies and deposits, among which especially the collection of Pedro Masaveu Peterson, offered in lieu of payment, stands out. the Museum owns now one of Spain´s best public art collections, integrated by more than 15,000 items covering from the 14th to the 21st Century, including such bright names like El Greco, Zurbarán, Ribera, Murillo, Carreño de Miranda, Goya, los Meléndez, Sorolla, Luis Fernández, Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Tàpies and Barceló.

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