Useful documents

Here we present a series of documents for use in cultural institutions that have been developed within the framework of the ARCHES project.

First, Towards a participatory museum, our How-to-Guide on inclusive activities. Written by Helena Garcia Carrizosa, Jara Diaz and Felicitas Sisinni, with Rotraut Krall, Anne Fay, Suzana Skrbic and Sarah Fairbairn, edited by Moritz Neumüller.
 This guide was printed in 2019, in English, Spanish and German, in an edition of 600 copies, as part of the dissemination of the ARCHES Project.
ISBN English 978-3-903312-00-5, Spanish 978-3-903312-01-2, German 978-3-903312-02-9.

To request a paper copy, please write to
Towards a participatory museum. A How-to-Guide on inclusive activities (5MB), also available in low resolution (1MB) and as a Word document.

Second, the document Ways of Working, a Guideline which was originally produced in 2016 to inform the development of participatory research groups in London, Vienna, Madrid and Oviedo for the ARCHES project. This is an adaptation that should serve as a guideline for comparable participatory research projects in the cultural field. Download Ways Of Working as PDF.

If you read Spanish, check out the Recomendaciones iniciales para trabajar con necesidades de accesibilidad (Initial Recommendations for Working with Accessibility Needs), a document created by the participants of the ARCHES project working group at the Museo de Bellas Artes de Asturias. Available in Spanish, in PDF y HTML. ISBN: 978-3-903312-03-6.

Third, the game DISCOVER THE MUSEUM, created by the participants of the working group of the ARCHES project at the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias, available in PDF and Word. ISBN: 978-3-903312-04-3.

Fourth, the ARCHES manifesto, as text with pictograms and as video. (See different versions, made by the Vienna, Madrid and Oviedo groups, by changing the language of this page to Spanish and German).