Our objective with the workshops is to reach museum professionals other European countries. We have selected one museum each in Germany, Italy and France. Through a collaboration with the EU-funded COME-IN! project, we are now able to feature two additional workshops, one in Croatia and one in Slovenia. These workshops will be complemented by our ‘How-To-Guide’ (download here) for each workshop participant.

The aim of the workshops and the publication is to enable practitioners in museums to work towards a museum for all by providing them with an extensive description of participatory activities you can undertake.

Workshop Dates

Spain: 13.6.2019, Lázaro Galdiano Museum, Madrid (have a look of how it went)

Slovenia: 25.9., Maritime Museum, Piran, Slovenia 
Croatia: 26.9., Archeological Museum of Pula, Croatia
(Have a look how it went)

Italy, 9.10. 2019: Musei Capitolini & Università Roma Tre (FULLY BOOKED!)
Find the program here and see how it went (see how it went)

France, 20.11. 2019: Musée d’arts de Nantes. (FULLY BOOKED!)
Will be held in French and English. Check the program (in French) with some photos of the event. 

Germany: 10.12. 2019, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn. Will be held in German. Check the program in German

How to participate

– The workshop is free and open to professionals in the cultural sector.
– Registration open until workshop has filled
– Maximum number of participants per workshop depends on venue.
– Registration by email, with Name, Surname, Affiliation, email, telephone
– Please indicate access needs and dietary requirements
– The workshop will be held in the local language and English. There will be translation in local sign language, in case any participant needs it.
– Registration through email