How we make it happen

Our participatory research methodology situates real user needs at the heart of an iterative design and implementation process, through their active involvement in 3 pilot exercises. This will also facilitate the validation of potential solutions in scenarios at 6 museums, as well as engagement with broader audiences (e.g. children, the elderly, and other potentially marginalised groups) and extension to other sectors, mainly education and tourism.

Foto Museum TourThe online accessible software platform, applications for handheld devices and multisensory activities will form the basis of a technical approach that will exploit state of the art technologies – e.g. augmented reality, avatars, relief printers and models, context-sensitive tactile audio guides, metadata and advanced image processing techniques – to underpin the generation of a dynamic ecosystem. In this framework, museums will play an important role by adapting content and reinterpreting cultural heritage in manners most suitable for target groups.

Our interdisciplinary consortium – involving academia, SMEs, research centres and museums – will focus on ensuring widespread communication and exploitation, stimulating cross-border collaboration to address a challenge common across Europe.

We have organized the three year project in Work Packages, which are led by the different Consortium members. The results of these work packages are Deliverables and solutions, which will be available in the download section.

If you want to learn more about our methodology and results, have a look at our useful documents or take part in one of our international workshops.

Here are some of the test results and snapshots from our participatory groups in London, Madrid, Oviedo and Vienna. More images and artworks are available in the section Participants’ Works.




“We had the great pleasure of having a sneak peak to our upcoming ARCHES video. Here we working on creative solutions to show who we are as a project. Stay tuned!”







Madrid group creating and testing a tactile map of a museum.