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ARCHES mentioned in European Commission Political Priorities’ videos

We are very proud to announce that the ARCHES project now also forms part of the European Commission Political Priorities’ video collection. You can either find it on the page where all the videos are published: https://www.research-innovation-exhibition.eu/en/gallery …or directly here: A big thank you to

Press Material in the making

Yesterday, we started shooting interviews with participants of the research groups, as well as our working process in the museums, and interviews with the team. Now we are preparing an edited version and raw clips for TV, online and agencies. Thank you to MisterNilson Producciones, and the

5 participants sitting around a table with a iPads

‘Lights! Camera! Action! And then?

The London Exploration group has started an exciting new project. With the V&A they have taken up film editing short course to be able to film, record and express their views in the most dynamic way. Below are two images one of Wen-Sheng teaching about