Emotive is an EU-funded heritage project that aims to use emotional storytelling to dramatically change how we experience heritage sites.

ARCHES and EMOTIVE were first put into touch during the summer of 2018. We have worked together closely sharing our practices and findings. EMOTIVE has invited two of our colleagues to their workshop in Athens where they explored and evaluated their approach of engaging visitors through emotional storytelling to dramatically change how we experience heritage sites. It was very helpful to see the different evaluation methods the Emotive project is using and gave us ideas on how to work with participants on creating similar experiences. This week two staff members joined the EMOTIVE project again to celebrate their innovative technologies at their final stages. 

Check out the Emotive Website to get a better idea how the Emotive application can provide a powerful storytelling engine and a set of rich digital media assets that can be used to create detailed characters and narratives featuring archaeological sites or collections of artefacts.

One thought on “ARCHES meets EMOTIVE”

  1. Emotive project says:

    The EMOTIVE team would like to thank you for your participation in our workshop and event, and for your constructive feedback. Good luck with your important work!

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